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Naomi & Ruth

Ruth & Naomi:  Accepting Others

Scripture Reading:  Ruth 1:1-23, 2:1-16

Memory Verse:  “Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay.  Your people will be my people and your God my God.”  Ruth 1:16


Discussion Questions:

1.  What happened to Naomi’s husband & two sons?  They died.

(vs. 3-5)

2.  Who was Ruth?  One of Naomi’s daughter-in-laws. (vs. 4)

3.  Where did Naomi want Orpah & Ruth to go after both of their husbands had died?  Back to the land of Judah where their mother’s homes were. (vs. 7,8)

4.  Which daughter-in-law did not want to leave Naomi?  Ruth (vs. 14-  18)

5.  What was the name of the city in Judah that Naomi & Ruth were going to?  Bethlehem (vs. 19)

6.  what did Boaz, the owner of the field, think about the way Ruth treated Naomi?  He thought it was great, very respectful, not selfish

7.  How do you think God feels when we accept other people?

8.  Have you ever been accepted & loved by someone who is different from you?  What was that like?


Story Theme(s):

God’s Provisions, Accepting Others, Trusting God, Loyalty, Respect,



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