October Newsletter

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On Sunday September 30, the sun was shining on 155 N High Street both outside and inside. It was looking a lot like Christmas, only in September. There were decorations on the front lawn and doors; there were decorations in the halls and Sanctuary; even Christmas songs were sung in the worship services! It really wasn’t about Christmas so much as attempting to reach out to community children and families with some Christmas Spirit. We attempted to create an opportunity to share hospitality and stir some interest in our Sunday morning program for children, maybe even youth.

The weather forecast wasn’t for snow but it was for rain. The rain came overnight and the sun shone all afternoon and evening! It was a beautiful day. About 15 community children and youth plus parents and grandparents came to see what this was all about. We played games in the side yard; faces were artistically-painted; balloon hats and dogs were custom-made; Christmas cookies were decorated and silver bells were formed; a newly-forming puppet troupe, "The Heart-Felt Puppets," Amber Palmer, Gabby and Madison Miller, Emily Warner) presented a short story. We completed the quick two hour event with a light supper of grilled hot dogs and chips. The Lord is good. He made his face to shine upon us and was gracious to us, and we all went home in peace. [see Numbers 6:24-26 ] It was a good day.

Many thanks to Janet Burkey, Melodee Chapin, Bertha Cyphert, Shirley DiVencenzo, Ann Fetrow, Sandy Mealy, Debbie Miller and Miriam Warner: the visionaries, planners and event elves. Lynn Burkey ran the kitchen and made sure there was plenty to eat. Melodee painted faces and Becky Vensel crafted balloons. Fred and Jane Grinnell and Walter Trumbull were here to help out and share their hospitality. I hope I haven’t left out anyone but I probably have and for that, I apologize. Please let me know.

A few years ago, a Sunday morning class studied the book, Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations. It proposes five practical characteristics and standards for assessing the functional status and fruitfulness of any congregation. It has become the preferred method of evaluating effectiveness of East Ohio Conference churches to this end. I think it can be a very healthy standard of assessment and provide a focused approach to become relevant as Christ’s ambassador in our community and world [2 Cor 5:17-21 ].

The practices? 1. Radical Hospitality, 2 Passionate Worship, 3. Intentional Faith Development, 4. Risk-Taking Mission, 5. Extravagant Generosity. What does it mean to practice these? Simply put, it means moving from passive to impassioned, putting faith into action [James 2:14-17, 22 ]. It means investing ourselves together as the church extending ourselves in relevant ways of truth and life for our world of people desperately in need of meaningful substance the world cannot provide.

This is the kind of effort and attitude it takes to be fruitful. The entire process was energized with hope and prayer. I not only experienced but also witnessed joyful fellowship of faith in action among our people and I am seeing it again this week during the Little Lambs sale. Laughter and friendship, activity and faith: What a joy! In times like these, it’s good to be the church, to be the Cortland Apple of Christ’s fruit-bearing orchard, and I pray that goodness will spread. Pastor Dave


3 Lundy & Pam O’Dell 2Steve Mizner

Verner & Marion Styers5Esther Conley

5 Mark & Heidi Harper6Lynette Augenstein

10Dan & Marcia McCracken 9Cindy Albert

11Thelma Thornton

16Donna Pate

19 Debbie Moore

20Wade Brainard

23David Rider

25Lindsay Munroe

26Klarisa Ruiter

28Ron Lehman–Dee Dieter


I would like to take this time to say thank you and God blessing to eachand every one who helped make the fourth year of the Drive-Thru Chicken Dinners a success. My thanks to another church for giving me the idea four years ago and my prayers to God giving me the visionto try these dinners. Special thanks to my daughter Paula Cyphert who gave up her day off fromwork to come and be our chef. The morning crew began at 9:30 a.m. washing and wrapping potatoes for baking, fillingthe chicken breast with stuffing, filling sour cream cups, bagging the brownies in prior yearsand then cookies this past yearthat were baked by Sarah Treffert. To the afternoon crew who arrived at 3:30 p.m. ready to servethe chicken, gravy, green beans, sour cream and cookies, placing containers in bagsand have them ready for those who had pre-ordered along with those who came by to purchase a dinner or two ormore.Praise and thanks toPastor Davefor his prayersand support of my vision andall his help on the day of the dinner, and toGod for seeing me through.I am most grateful that we were able to support Pastor’s Conference Health and Pension Assessmentand Shared Ministry funds.My prayers are that this project be continued again next year. Thanks again and I love you all!


P.S. A member of a church in Cody, Wyoming Bertha Cyphert came in and took information on dinner to try at their church. The chicken is traveling!


When God Whispers Loudlyby Chris M. Hibbard (Free-Kindle &Nook) –This charming story about faith and trusting in God is an easy read and could easily be part of your quiet time.

Praying Through Cancer: Set Your Heart Free fromFear: A 90 Day Devotional for Womenby Susan Sorensen ($8.54 –Kindle, $10.19 –Nook) –A wonderful aid in helping all with anyform of cancer to get you through those long wakeful hours of the night. Read a chapter (onlya couple of pages) and think of what God is telling you from both His word and people’s testimonies.

New Study Books

TheBible study group that meets on Monday morning at 9:30 a.m.in the parlor, has started thestudy "The Book of Revelation", the Smart Guide to the Bible series. This study group is open to all who wish to attend.

The McBible Bible study group that meets Friday mornings at 10 a.m. in McDonald’s restaurant will begin to study the book,"Slightly Bad Girls of the Bible". All are welcome to come and join in this study.

"God’s Creation Calendars"for year 2013The United Methodist Men are selling

are on sale in the church office for the cost the Entertainmentbooks again this year

Of $7.00.Proceeds go toward the Red Birdat the cost of $30.00. There are only 10

Mission Trip.Books to be sold, so purchase your

book as soon as possible.


Shopping will begin in mid-November. You are welcome to make your donation now. Cost of one pair of shoes is $30.00. You may leave your contributionat the church office or in the offering plate (mark Adopt-a-Foot) on your envelope. Let’s help some needy children have warmand dry feet.


The men held their breakfast meeting on Saturday, September 8 at 8:30 a.m. with ten men attending. Devotions were from I Corinthians 16:13 and the theme song was "Rise up O Men of God. Don Young gave an estimate of $200 for spouting to be placed at the pavilion. Lynn Burkey has the rain barrels. A lady needed help in packing a U-Haul for traveling with Lynn Burkey, Ron Lehman, and Lundy O’Dell answered the call.

Some items that are progress to be completed: A floor for a storage shed for church member. There will be a Drive-thru Spaghetti dinner held on Election Day, November 6. And the December meeting will be the Christmas breakfast with their wives or significant other to be held at the Kinsman United Methodist Church on Saturday, December 8 at 9:00 a.m. This is open to the congregation.

Lynn is creating a letter with a vision andinterest in men’s fellowship with other denominations.

Lundy and John are going to mark out the new CROP HUNGER WAK routes for this year’s walk on October 14. The walks are shorter and more visible to the public this year. Lawn mowing needs done on theRuiter property.

The group received a plaque from the ball team they sponsored this summer.The men will be selling the entertainment books again at the cost of $30.00. They will have 10 books to sell.

Sunday school teachers requested that wooden classroom chairs be moved to the choir room and pews moved into the bible room. Discussion held on purchasing shirts with church logo on them.

The East Ohio United Methodist Men’s fallgathering of men is scheduled for November 10

thfrom 8:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. at the Lakewood United Methodist Church in Lakewood, Ohio. Speakers will be Dan Stulz and Warren "Chip" Freed. Registration needed by November 3 and bring a #10 poundbagor larger of potatoes to the gathering. Cost for the day is $25. Per person. Workshops for the day:

1. B.M.B. –Further Adventures in Men’s Ministry –Ron Cramer

2. Feeding the Millions –Society of St Andrew’s –Ron Wendell

3. Wheels of Hope –Jim Trautman

4. Men’s Health Issues –Gary Foreman


Please join us in makingaDifference on Saturday. October 27, between the hours of 10 am to 3 pm to help feed God’s children. We will be going throughout our neighborhoods collecting food for Cortland Area Cares Food Pantry. We will provide fliers to those whomight want to notify their neighbors in advance.

Last year we collected over 1000 pounds of canned food. Our goal is to double that figure this year. The food pantry is serving over 220 families per month.

Please contact Katie Watson at 330-637-7710 if you can participate or have any questions.








10 am LOAF

at CUMC Church


10 am McBible at McDonalds



8 am Heritage Worship’

9:30 am Adult SS

& Faith book

workshops for


10:30 am Blended Traditions

11:45 am

Fellowship &



9:30 amBible Study

6:00 pm. Bible-n-Burger


7 pm Sister Act Bible Study


7:00 pmChoir



10 am McBibleat McDonalds


8:30 am

Men’s Breakfast meeting


8 am Heritage


9:30am Adult SS

& Faith book

Workshops for


10:30 amBlended


11:45 am.

Fellowship &



9:30 am Bible


6 pm Bible-n-Burger


7 pm Sister Act Bible Study


10:45 am UM Women meeting

7 pm Choir

7 pm. Choir




10 am McBible

at McDonalds



8 am Heritage


9:30amAdult SS

& Faith book



10:30 am Blended


11:45 am

Fellowship &


1:30 pm -Charge Conference in Sanctuary


9:30 am.Bible Study

6 pm Bible-n-Burger


7 pm Sister Act Bible Study




10 am McBible at McDonalds



8am Heritage


9:30am Adult SS

& Faith book


for children

10:30 am. Blended


11:45 am

Fellowship &



9:30 am Bible


6 pm Bible-n-Burger


7 pm Sister Act Bible Study


Trick or Treat

6:00 –8:00 p.m.

7 pm Choir

David Vensel,
Nov 2, 2012, 9:14 PM