November 2016 Newsletter

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Several years ago, sitting around the Thanksgiving Dinner table enjoying hospitality in the home of our youngest son’s wife near Dayton, our eldest granddaughter aged about two and a half at the time, was prompted by her mom and dad to ask everyone at the table,  “What are you thankful for?”   One by one, Ella addressed each person at the table by name, “______ , and what are you thankful for?”  
The room grew silent as the young child commanded the floor.   One by one, each adult obediently and dutifully responded with an answer according fullest respect to the authority of the questioner.   As I recall, there was about ten or so of us seated around the dining room table but the little girl addressed each by name.   When the question and answer session had come full circle back to the young questioner, her mother asked, “And Ella, what are you thankful for?”   At that point, she was to say something to the effect of, “My baby brother in Mommy’s belly,” which was to serve as the announcement Jessica and Lou were expecting.   Caught up in the excitement of the momentary question and answer game, Ella forgot her scripted answer and instead gleefully declared, “Pizza!”   With some additional baiting by Jess and Lou, she was finally prompted to declare their good news.  
As we approach another Thanksgiving, Christmas and end-of-the-year season of gatherings, events and opportunities to come together in our circles of families and friends, I am reminded of this lasting moment-in-time.   It prompts me to ask, “What are you thankful for?”   What I mean by that is, “What are you really  thankful for in the depth of your being?”  
I’ve taken occasion in church meetings and small group gatherings to ask similar questions regarding what this church means to each of us.   I have appreciated hearing individuals respond very genuinely out of the depths of their hearts.   Common among responses expressed in varying connotations has been connection with individuals and identification with the church as ‘family.’   Can you address them by name and have you concern for them as brothers and sisters, heirs and co-heirs with Christ?  
Ephesians 2:19-22 declares that we are, “. . .fellow citizens with God’s people and members of God’s household. . . joined together. . . to become a holy temple in the Lord. . . in which God lives by his Spirit.”   That is a statement of identity and calling into family if ever there was one.   Questions to follow then might be,   “Do I believe and claim this?”    “What does this mean to me and to others with me in this gathering?  “What can I bring to my spiritual family Table?”   “What am I thankful for in this?”  
Just as most of us would not even think of skipping a major family gathering, 
“Let us not give up m e e ti n g t o g e t h e r , a s s o m e a r e i n t h e h a b it o f d o i n g , b u t l e t u s e n c o u r a g e o n e a n o t h e r . . . ”
 [Hebrews10:25]    We are family, together, holy in the Lord.   We are about to begin a new church year with the season of Advent.   What an appropriate time to resolve to reconnect with your spiritual family, take joy and humbling stock of true thanksgiving in this privileged part of Christ’s Body.  It’s not about an obligatory hour on Sunday morning; it’s a calling into a journey of life, growth and fellowship.  
See You This Sunday to Remember Our Saints?    Pastor Dave

 The 2017 Edition of the God’s Creation Calendars are in church office at the cost of $7.00. Stop by to purchase one or see Pam or Lundy O’Dell to purchase one. All proceeds go to fund the Red Bird Mission Team trip to Kentucky.
                        WE Accept Box Top Labels but do not accept Campbell Soup Labels.

 Sympathy of the congregation has been extended to the family of David Deemer, who passed on Tuesday, October 4, 2016. David was the brother of our member Shirley Barbe Divencenzo.
This is the date of OUR CHARGE CONFERENCE with the District Superintendent which will be held at the Wildare United Methodist Church at 4:30 pm.  Here you vote on church officers, approve reports, etc. All officers of the congregation can/should attend if possible. This is an opportunity to share with the Superintendent, other churches, hear their needs and programs and develop fellowship and friendships.
Tuesday, November 22nd at 7:00 p.m. we will see all members of LOAF Churches open their doors to a community evening church service thanking God for his abundance he has given us.  This year the service will be held at the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church on High Street.  So remind your friends and families to come celebrate our many gifts bestowed upon us are our mighty God. We are honored to have this opportunity to share with other churches and community neighbors.
ELECTION DAY – Tuesday, November 8, 2016  Please pray for the election process, all candidates and issues being voted upon.  Pray for wisdom and direction in the choices each of us make as citizens of God’s Kingdom.  REMEMBER TO VOTE
The October 9, 2016 CROP WALK was a huge success! Thank you, our wonderful church family, for your support! Our church ended up donating $660.02 towards the walk against hunger! ($55.19 came from our loose change or cash in the CROP WALK bucket) 25% of the total will be donated back to our Cortland Area Cares Food Bank! Thank you to our Cortland Lion’s Club for donating, preparing and serving hot dogs and chips! We were blessed with a beautiful sunny day for the walk! We had 12 walkers represent our church! They were: Becky Vensel, Pam O’Dell, Barbara Bancroft, Micki Semroc, John Brenner, Joseph Connor, Lynn Rider, Anna Rider, Katie Rider, Fred Bumstead, Ken Bumstead and Mary Bumstead. Thanks for supporting the “Church World Services CROP WALK”!   Mary Bumstead       OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD SHOPPING OPPORTUNITY
This year we are going to give parishioners a chance to fill shoe boxes after both Sunday services on November 6 and 13. In the fellowship hall will be shoe boxes and items to fill your box (es). All items have been donated so there will be no charge for the items but we are asking for a $14 donation for each shoe box that you fill. This amount will cover shipping costs for 2 boxes!  All donations will be given to the church with an OCC memo. I encourage you to enclose a picture of yourself or your family, if desired, and a personal letter. You can bring the letter and picture with you. Or you can do so at the church. We will have cards or stationary available. If you are unable to fill a box at church but would still like to contribute to this wonderful project, you ar still welcome to give a monetary donation or donate items. And if you prefer to shop on your own that is wonderful also! All boxes need to be at the church by Monday, November 21st at 2 p.m. If you still have leftover items’ after parishioners have the opportunity to fill their own box, we will be meeting at the church at 1 pm on November 13th to finish packing the rest of the boxes. Since we will not be shopping as a group this year, we should be able to finish packing in about 1 hour. Please contact Debbie Miller if you can volunteer a 2-hour shift during the week of Novembe4 14-21 during the collection hours.
Daylight Savings time ends. Be sure to turn your clocks back one hour before you retire on Saturday night. Church still starts at 8:00 am and 10:30 am with Adult Sunday School at 9:15 am. God opens his doors to all.  Also fill a Pew invites you to ask a friend, neighbor, child or family member to attend.      Important Day: Red Bag Sunday – share your bounty with others and we also observe Holy Communion.   See you there!
Sunday, November 13th is International Day of Prayer, Tissue Organ Donor Sunday.  We will also honor these men and women who help make this Sunday worship possible – our wonderful men and women in the Armed Forces who protect our freedoms everyday
 CORTLAND AREA CARES FOOD PANTRY SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 2016 11:00 A.M. UNTIL 1:00 P.M. 1100 FOWLER STREET (Large building on right side of street)
 A big THANK YOU to everyone who helped make the United Methodist Women’s Turkey Dinner a success.  Many thanks to everyone who roasted turkeys, made desserts and worked the day of the dinner.  Your help made it all possible.  A special thank you to the ladies from Hannah’s House for all their help. Thank you also to everyone who came to eat; we appreciate your support.
  The November meeting of the Cortland United Methodist Women will be on Wednesday, November 16th at 10:30 in the church parlor. After devotions and business meeting, we will be going out to lunch. All women of the church are invited to attend.
CHRISTMAS ANGEL TREE    Our tree this year we will be doing gifts for those in Cortview  Village who have no one to share Christmas with.  Co-Chairpersons are Jim and Paula Mizner.  Take a name from the tree and make Christmas happen at Cortview.
Look in basket in fellowship hall for cards.  Thanks to Mr. Miner we have 75 wonderful cards available at present. Take time to complete – put in basket. DO NOT SEAL as we will be putting (cross in pocket & cross) inside. Please take time, write your own at home and bring it or provide a box of cards. You really don’t know how much these Veterans confined to hospitals, nursing homes, or function for others in various VA groups. Thanks for considering this important activity.       Shirley DiVencenzo
Don’t forget to pick-up items for this important activity. We saw how the children enjoyed the boxes when Madison Miller presented her visit to the children and distributed the boxes. You saw the need in Haiti which will be greater this year.   Let’s work to increase our amount.  God Bless!
We will decorate the church for the Advent Season after church on Sunday, November 20th.    Advent begins on Sunday, November 27th. This is a great time in our church.  Getting ready to celebrate and honor our risen Lords, Birth in a lowly manger.  Please join us for the festive moment.  It’s always such a joyful opportunity to share in the event and good fellowship with others.
Our next scheduled meeting in on Monday, November 7th at 7:00 p.m. We will be reviewing December events – Setting calendar activities for January, February and March.  Members with ideas contact any team member.
Watch for news re: this important outreach. Contact Shirley DiVencenzo or re interest in this new program.  “God sends out His disciples”.
Look for this great insight into our Heritage.   Paula Cyphert and Mary Bumstead are looking through many old memories getting ready to present a time- line in our church of our past to present. If you have any information please share it with Paula or Mary. They will take good care of any pictures or articles. Look forward to this being a rewarding experience.
Thank you for your kindness in remembering Lori Laukhart with your donation. Your thoughtfulness and generosity are much appreciated by the entire riding club members.  Thank you!  Sincerely, Boot, Scootin’ Buckeyes
If you would like to receive your newsletter on e-mail, please send your address to the church office.  The e-mail address for the Church is:  If you serve on a committee it would be most helpful to have your e-mail address.   Thanks!
We are so excited to be sharing with the after-school children at Lakeview Middle School.  Twenty four students sent in applications. At present we have 21 wonderful, well-disciplined, eager 4th, 5th, 6th graders attending. They love to share the Bible, reading God’s word and having fun with crafts, games and exercise time.  Of course the afternoon snack is greatly appreciated.  We have 1 set of twins, 15 girls and 6 boys. Fifteen greatly appreciated staff members, who have committed themselves to helping.  We need at least 10 each week.  Staff varies with approximately 8 fully committed.   Help is always needed even on as need basis.  If you would like to share with snacks, contact Jane Grinnell.  They would be greatly appreciated.  Everyone who has taken their time to help is truly blessed and enjoys working with the children. Upon entering the cafeteria area, where we hold our program, each child  must sign in. We start with exercise time or games, then snacks.  Groups are divided in 2 groups. One group starts with craft project while the other group enjoys – Bible story, related activities and group discussion.  Then they flipflop allowing each group to share more with each other and the activity at that time. On Wednesday, October 19th we also had a light dinner for parents and their families – Approximately 32 members attended.  Each family was given a handbook outlining the program’s purpose, rules and expected activity. Included in the packet was our October newsletter and leaflet explaining carious programs we offer at our church.  We enjoyed the opportunity to visit with each family and sharing together. Parents also agreed children could attend various times we might be presenting a program in our church.  They were also reminded that their child must be signed out at end of weekly program by a parent or assigned person. We must be assured they go home with the correct person. Children at present are working on naming their club.  We are excited about   the names   presented for consideration.   To name two –  “God’s Kids” – “Fruit of the Spirit Club”, so you see why we enjoy this group.  We are truly blessed. Please keep our program in your prayers.  Consider what you can do to help – maybe providing craft ideas, gams, and exercise opportunities would be great.   God Bless you all!
      Shirley, Debbie and Staff
David Vensel,
Dec 19, 2016, 6:40 PM