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October 2014 Newsletter

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The Cortland United Methodist Church



Our mission is to Worship, Grow, and Witness

to God’s love in Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit

                        OCTOBER 2014



The first Sunday in October will be the ‘season-ending’  and  ‘series finale’ of sermons inspired by the book, I Am a Church Member by Thom S. Rainer.  The book can be read in far less time than I have taken to preach from it!   Whether you’ve read it or listened to me,  the recommendations are forthright and encourage us to boldly claim and own our part as members of Christ’s Body in our church.   Whether you’ve heard all the preaching, some or even none, whether you’ve read the book or not, this Sunday Oct 5  offers an appropriate conclusion to the series and a re-start for faithful commitment as ‘Members Together’ in this church and Christ’s Body with invitation to receive the Sacrament of Holy Communion in the Lord’s Supper.   I look forward to serving you. 


We are experiencing a time of great purpose and cause for celebration as  ‘Members Together’ in our congregation.   For example, currently there are several among us for whom we are asking ‘prayer without ceasing’ (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18) and ‘with confident belief’  (Matthew 21:21-22;  Mark 11:24) for healing, recovery, hope  and deliverance.   You could be one of these ‘pray-ers’ as a ‘Member Together.’   You might be able to make a visit, a phone call, provide a listening ear:  Be a member in contact and connection together with others in our  church family and for our community.  


There is also cause to celebrate.    I remember as a child being told there were ‘potatoes in my ear.’   I think it referred to making sure I washed the wax out of there!    Last month,  we dug potatoes from our field, tons of potatoes, maybe as many as two and a quarter tons.   Last Spring, acting on vision, enthusiasm and a few ‘Members Together,’  about 600 pounds of potatoes were planted at our Pavilion Site.   Over the Summer, there was mounding and weeding and praying.   In September, with a few more ‘Members Together,’ Walter on his tractor with a borrowed plow, we harvested and distributed all but a sample few for display in worship.   Area ministries, families and individuals numbering into the hundreds were recipients.   Many “Thanks” to all, most from the church and some who were not, but about 17 total who at various times functioned as ‘Members Together’ in the name of Christ and in His Way.   Praise God!  


In the recent word of our District Superintendent Rev Sondra Snode, our church is “extraordinary.”   It was stated as a compliment for who we are, how we are and all we are accomplishing with the number we are.   It reflects favorably upon us for the present, but doesn’t necessarily project as optimistic a future if we don’t plant seeds of fruitful witness with relevance and contact to be ‘Members Together’ in and around Cortland.    Let’s gather and Commune as Members Together this Sunday.

Pastor Dave






                                                OCTOBER IS PASTOR APPRECIATION MONTH


This week is the start of Pastor Appreciation Month.  Please take time today to tell our Pastor how he has changed your life.  Shake his hand, give him a friendly hug, tell him what he means to you. Let’s celebrate our wonderful Pastor all month.




FIRST SUNDAY OF MONTH            OCTOBER  5, 2014  





Remember to bring your bag of non-perishable items for the Cortland Area Care Food Pantry. Peanut butter, paper products, soap (kitchen – bath- laundry) always needed.





A hugh “Happy Birthday” to a very special lady.

Thelma Thornton, member of the church will

celebrate her 105th Birthday on Saturday,

October 11, 2014. She resides at

Shepherd of the Valley,

1500 McKinley Avenue,

Room  701,

Niles, OH 44446




Special thanks to all of God’s children for your prayers, phone calls, and calming reassurance that you so willing give. I’m so lucky to be in God’s church that has such caring people. You lifted my spirits many times as I re-read your cards and remembered you. Thanks so much.


                                                                Shirley Barbe-DiVencenzo





A huge thank you to all  who donated to the Flood buckets for the Midwest Mission Distribution Center.  Total received were: 962 Cleaning Buckets, 2,368 Health Kits; 51 Personal Dignity Kits; 1,264 School Bags; 266 Layettes; 65 Miscellaneous Kits;

14 Sewing Machines; 1 Golf Cart; 4 Bicycles; and $9,130.

Pastor Dave and Bertha delivered our items to the truck at Lakeside, Ohio during the East Ohio Conference in June.




It’s that time of year we take special interest in remembering those who served to provide us the freedoms that we have today. Please take time check out the card ministry box of cards in the Fellowship Hall. Write a message, sign the card. If you wish you can use your own card and return to the card basket. A container will be on the table in case you want to help defray some of the cost of this program.

We will be adding the Wounded Soldier Program and two Vietnam chapters to our list this year.  Don’t forget to share yours and God’s Love for their service.

Thank you for your time – Shirley





          We finally completed our study of the pulse of our congregation, mission outreach, attendance, future 5 year plan and an extensive review of the pastor’s duties and responsibilities and his daily journey. We are amazed at the amount of time and demands required. We will be reviewing this area and determine how we can more capably help him.

            We met with the District Superintendent, Sondra Snode on Sunday September 28th at the Vernon United Methodist Church, presented our report and requested the re-appointment of Rev. David Vensel next year at Annual Conference.  We wish you all the advantage of the opportunity to meet Rev. Snode at our church’s charge conference her at our church on Sunday, November 9th at 4:30 pm.  Please keep the committee informed of your concerns.


Shirley Barbe-DiVencenzo

SPPR Committee Chairperson












4:30 pm After School Program

7 pm - Choir



Lil Lambs

9 am – 8 pm

10 am  LOAF 

       Meeting @

      Nazarene Ch.



Lil Lambs

9 am – 2 pm

10 am Bible

Study at Lake Vista



5.    WORLD  


8 am Heritage Worship

9 am Fellowship

9:15am Adult study

10:30 am Blended


11:45 am Fellowship


9:30 am               Bible Study                       

6:00 pm Bible- n- Burger

7:00 pm – Worship team meeting


7 pm Sister Act               Bible Study    



4:30 pm -  After

    School Program



7 pm - Choir




10 am Bible Study at Lake Vista



 Men’s Breakfast meeting at 8:30am



Thelma Thornton

      105 today


8 am Heritage      


9 am Fellowship

9:15 am 

   Easter Breakfast

10:30 am Blended


 11:45 am.    

       Fellowship &


1:30 pm CROP    



9:30 am

 Bible Study


6 pm Bible-n-Burger




7 pm Sister Act

     Bible Study


10:30 am – United Methodist Women



4:30 pm – After School Program


7 pm - Choir






10 am Bible Study at Lake Vista




4:30 – 6:30 pm

UM Women

Turkey Dinner


8 am Heritage


9:00 am Fellowship

10:30 am  Blended


 11:45 am

        Fellowship &



9:30 am.

    Bible  Study


6 pm Bible-n- Burger




7 pm Sister Act   

       Bible Study



4:30 pm After School Program


7 pm - Choir



10 am Bible study at Lake Vista






8 am Heritage


9 am Fellowship

9:15 am

     Adult study

10:30 am. Blended 


11:45 am

       Fellowship &




9:30 am

    Bible  Study


6 pm Bible-n-Burger




7 pm Sister Act

      Bible Study



4:30 pm – After

School program


7 pm - Choir




10 am Bible study at Lake Vista








Oct. 5                                         Oct. 12                           Oct. 19                                     Oct. 26

Exodus 20:1-4; 7-9; 12-20      Exodus 32:1-14          Exodus 33:12-23                  Deuteronomy 34:-12

Psalm 19                                   Psalm 106                   Psalm 99                                 Psalm 90:1-6,  13-17

Philippians 3:4b-14                  Philippians 4:1-9        1 Thessalonians 1:1-10        1 Thessalonians 2:1-8

Matthew 21:33-46                    Matthew 22:1-4           Matthew 22:15-22                  Matthew 22:34-46





The sympathy of the congregation has been extended to Darlene and Bob Bissell

on the death of Darlene’s father, Oscar Grant who passed on Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Darlene is custodian of our church along with husband, Bob.



                          CROP WALK               SUNDAY, OCTOBER 12, 2014                   

            Its fall and time for our community CROP WALK.  Registration begins at 1:30 pm in fellowship hall. The Walk begins at 2:00 pm.  Registration forms are on table in fellowship had for you to take and get sponsors for you to walk. 


CROP HUNGER WALK – ending hunger one step at a time!


As you take each step in the CROP Hunger Walk, imagine that you’re in Kenya; to get water that you’ll carry back home in a 5-gallon jerry can be balanced on your head. Your family needs this water for drinking, bathing, preparing meals or watering the garden or livestock.  Whatever the reason, 5 gallons of water weigh about 42 pounds, and you may have to walk miles to get it.

            Having to use so much of your valuable time to carry water keeps you from growing more vegetables, raising more livestock or developing a business. There is only so much time in a day.

            There’s a solution, and you can be a part of it. CROP Hunger Walks help Church World Service work with communities to determine the best solution to their challenges. It could be a sand dam to help provide water. Livestock to help start a farm.  Or tools or seeds to help keep a family fed -

and healthy.

            Some ways your small steps can make a big difference:

                        $ 10 can provide a pair of rabbits, which are a great source of protein.

                        $ 50 can provide hoes, shovels and seeds, tools a family needs to grow a garden.

                        $100 can provide 200 chicks, helping families find their way from need to nourishment.



THE WALK ROUTE IS: Leave Cortland United Methodist Church, walk north to Pearl Street turn left on Pearl to Erie Street and turn left walk to West Main Street and left to High Street back to church.

ALTERNATE ROUTE: Leave church walk to Pearl Street turn left, walk to Park Avenue, turn left and walk to West Main, turn left walk to High Street, turn left back to church.                 






                “Shower” for the apartments at the Warren “Y” sponsored by LOAF. (The Beatitude House is involved) on Sunday, November 16 at 2:00 pm. at the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church at490 N. High Street in Cortland.  The Director of the apartment building will be present with us and explain about the apartments.  Items that are needed for the shower are: Paper products, Toiletries, personal hygiene items, cleaning products (no bleach) and gift cards for Wal-Mart or Giant Eagle.






            Our church building has received new carpet on the educational wing first floor and the church parlor.  We also painted the parlor before installing carpet.  The ladies of the United Methodist Women purchased a new couch and we have made the parlor into two areas. One a sitting area and the other half a meeting area. We want to thank the Trustees for all their work around the church inside and out.

The men’s bathroom will get a new coat of paint.





 Adopt a Foot is an outreach that allows children to be able to get a NEW pair of shoes from Neil/s Shoes.  The price is $30.00 for a pair of shoes. Please consider purchasing a pair of shoes for a child in need.  You can donate any amount or go with another member to purchase a pair of shoes.  Funds are due no later than November 2. Please pray for the outreach.





Save the date, Saturday, October 25, for make a difference within our church. Details to follow. Contact Katie Watson if you are interested in helping with this outreach




Dear Cortland United Methodist Church,


On behalf of Cortland Humanitarian Outreach Worldwide (C.H.O.W.), I would like to thank you for the generous donation of 300-400 lbs. of potatoes. Your donation will be taken to the community center in Grahn, KY. To date CHOW has taken 22 trips to Grahn, KY. Thank you for the donation of coat hooks with attached shelves. These will be sent with our next shipment of desks. CHOW has sent 6,289 desks in 33 shipments to 14 countries. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.  Explore our website, www.chowohio.org for more information




THANK  YOU                                                   INVITATION TO YOU


Sincere thanks for your thoughtfulness                            Please come, join us on Tuesday evening at

and for the beautiful plant your prayers                            7 pm. in the Church parlor for fellowship and

and cards.                                                                              Bible Study. Several young ladies share their

                                                                                                love of God and for each other.   We are  be-

Bob and Darlene Bissell                                                     ginning a new study. God bless you all – Keep

                                                                                                Him in your life.







The United Methodist Women will be serving their annual turkey dinner on Saturday, October 18 from 4; 30 to 6:30 p.m.  The dinner includes turkey, homemade dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, coleslaw, green beans, cranberry sauce, bread, dessert and beverage.  Cost of the dinner is $9.00 for adults, $4.00 for children 5- to 12 years old and children under t eat free.


Proceeds from the dinner benefit mission projects of the Cortland United Methodist Women. We invite the congregation to join us for a delicious meal.  If you are interested in working at the dinner please contact Jane Grinnell at 330-637-5940.


Our October meeting of the United Methodist Women will be on Wednesday, October 15th at 10:30 in the church parlor. After devotions and our business meeting we will choose a restaurant for having lunch. All ladies of the church are invited to join us.



STAFF-PASTOR PARISH RELATION COMMITTEE would like to assemble a team for the Nursery to share Sundays as a paid position.  If interested please contact the church office at 330-637-2571.







            At present we have 14 children signed up with an attendance of 8 last week. Help us as we spread the word that the program is FREE, open to ALL CHILDREN, and they can register at ANYTIME, not just in September.  i.e.: example after Soccer is over.

            We are studying God’s world and the early Bible leaders at present. WE plan on presenting a program on Children’s Sabbath on the 10th of October. So plan to be there to support them.

            Thank you for all your help.  We still need snacks – call Becky Vensel if you wish to help.  Anyone wishing to be a helper in the program please contact Shirley DiVencenzo or Debbie Miller. Hall monitors contact Lundy O’Dell. 

            All pray for the program and the children daily.





            We take this time  to say thanks to all those wonderful people who have worked so hard to make our churh building and grounds more beautiful. Our Trustee team, Worship team, United Methodist Men, United Methodist Women and other persons. We don’t want to begin naming names and forget someone. We want to say God bless each and everyone who helped in some way. You know who you are and God knows who you are.










            The greeting card company has stated that October is Pastor Appreciation month. We want you to realize this congregation does not need a special day or special month to remember how blessed we are that God and the Bishop sent you to be our shepherd. You have served us and God faithfully for the past 10 years.  On July 1st you entered your 11th year here with us with the same zeal and excitement for God’s word and His world.  No words on paper can express our sincere love for your passion and excitement you share with us each Sunday as you share God’s word.  Your undying devotion to serve this church and Cortland community with these many needs has not gone unnoticed. It’s with sincere thanks and continued Christian love that we thank you and wish you continued good health and enthusiasm for God’s good news as you serve this community so passionately. God be with you.


          Staff Pastor Parish Relations Committee and Cortland United Church family and friends.




LOAF NEWS        




Cortland Area Cares – Could use men of Wednesday afternoons to help load cars. Next

                                          distribution October 29.  Even a two hour shift would help.





Salvation Army Unit – Seeking persons to be trained to monitor Help phone line, meet and

                                         interview requests for assistance. See Pastor Dave for information.






C.H.O.W. (Cortland Humanitarian Outreach Worldwide)


                Holding “Quiz Night” on Saturday, November 1st at 6:30 pm. at St Robert’s.  Hot dogs and

           Pasta Salad will be served.





David Vensel,
Oct 4, 2014, 8:19 AM