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August Newsletter

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The Cortland United Methodist Church



Our mission is to Worship, Grow, and Witness

to God’s love in Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit

                           AUGUST   2014




Finally!   Here is the concluding installment on how I pray the Lord’s Prayer.   Archived segments can be found on the church website:  www.cortlandumc.org.


And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil…   Temptation presents itself in  varieties of ways from those seemingly insignificant, even innocent and often overlooked to the more obvious of the red-flag, flashing-lights, bells-and-whistles variety.   No matter where they fall along the spectrum, they come to all of us.   Part of my personal petition in the Lord’s Prayer is to truly invite God to be present and proactive in my living by watching out for me:  “Lead me away from temptation.”   Paul provides very helpful and hopeful encouragement in 1 Corinthians 10:13,

“And God is faithful;  God will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear.   But when you are tempted, God will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it.”  Sometimes, the difficult part is intentionally looking for that way, recognizing then taking it.   Amen?


In our familiar recitation of the Lord’s Prayer, we pray “…deliver us from evil…    I have grown to prefer Matthew’s rendering, “…deliver us from the evil one..”   This is the term and actual being  Jesus himself references more than once in the Gospels, ie [John 17:15], “My prayer is not that you take them (disciples) out of the world but that you protect them from the evil one…”


Variously known throughout the Bible as Satan, the devil, evil one, enemy, ruler of this world, these and still other terms are essentially synonymous in meaning with accuser, adversary, slanderer and deceiver with the intent to lead humankind astray from sincere and pure devotion to Christ   [see 1 Corinthians 11:3].  So for my own purposes, I simply ask God to protect me from this evil one whose very real and capable purpose and activity is working to separate me from faithful relationship with God in Christ.   It’s counter-productive to try and go it on our own.  Accepting and applying this truth helps me get through the day with a certain sense of peace trusting God’s care.


For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory forever… This closing line is not from either of the Gospel accounts but has come to us by tradition across the ages most likely as a closing liturgical addition for corporate worship use.    It has apparently served very effectively in this role since most who are familiar with the prayer seem able to recite it without much thought.    As a declaration of praise to God in all things,  it serves to remind me that God is the glory in my life;  God is the power supreme for my life;  God is all life and being for me present and eternal.


So when I pray the Lord’s Prayer, it usually goes something like this:      “Our Father in Heaven:  Be my Father on earth today.  Let your name be holy in my mind, my heart and as it comes from my lips.  Let your Kingdom be present and prevailing as I go through my day.   Let your Will prevail on earth and with me today.   Provide all that I will need for this day.   Forgive me my sin and place within me a forgiving spirit to be forgiving toward others.   Lead me away from temptation and protect me from the Evil One.   For You are:  the Power and the Glory for my life now and forever.   Amen.”              Now, I’d like to See You Sunday praying with me.        Pastor Dave





We have Sunday coffee hour and are in need of hosts or hostesses.   Please call the church office when you can serve, and we can add your name to the list.  A designated listing in posted in the kitchen on cupboard by coffee maker.   Also if there is a special date you would like to bring something special for coffee hour, please check with the host or hostesses for that Sunday.




SATURDAY, AUGUST 9 FROM 1 to 3 PM: Operation Christmas Child packing box party. We’ll be watching a video about OCC and filling boxes. We will not be shopping today. We will pack the items that we have collected this summer. Snacks to be provided.



Our first Outdoor Concert and Ice Cream Social will be held on this date. We will be honored by the Golden Street Singers, well known in this area for praising Jesus through song.

Our Ice Cream makers are busy making homemade ice cream with all the trimmings, so be sure to bring your lawn chair, ice cream appetites and love of great Christian music and praise.  Invite a friend, family, neighbor. Let’s let God know how much we enjoy sharing fellowship with him.


SUNDAY, AUGUST 17, 2014  St. Roberts Annual Parish Picnic

            12 Noon until 4: P.M.      Games – Hayrides – Food – Music

Serving Chicken, Lamb, Sausage, Hot Dogs, Hamburgers and Beverages

If you plan to attend please bring to share:

(Last Name Beginning with)


A-F      Dessert and Cookies

G-L      Fresh Vegetable/Vegetable Salad

M-R     Fresh Fruit/Fruit Salad

S-Z      Covered Dish


       Lots of fun for the whole family! Music by the Jack Vasko Orchestra

You are invited!



On Saturday, August 9 from 1- 3 pm we will be packing shoe boxes. We will not be going shopping this time.  Join the fun – all are welcome. Help us to bless children with shoe boxes gifts and an opportunity to learn about Jesus. Any donation can be brought to the church.

We collect all kinds of school supplies and this summer we will be collecting, in addition to school supplies, for children ages 2 – 14:

T shirts (sizes 2T to 14), hats, gloves, socks, shorts, little dresses, toiletries, hard candy (NO chocolates  or food items), gum, toys, games, puzzles, musical instruments. Dolls, balls, cars, small stuffed animals, etc. (NO war related items)




            The men hold a breakfast meeting on the second Saturday of each month. Our August meeting will be Saturday, August 9th, at 8:30 am.  All men are welcome to attend.





Summer is here. Flowers are starting to bloom in many gardens. Please feel free to share with God’s church. Bring and place them on the altar, the narthex or the fellowship hall table. Just let Shirley or Bertha know when you would bring them.  Let’s all brighten God’s church.





            Please check out the Newlsletter, Bulletin, Flyers and the Cortland News to be aware of the summer activities of your’s and God’s church on High Street.  Invite someone, your neighbor, a child or friend to attend with you. Let’s make this summer a true outreach of God’s Love.




ALL  FAITH  NIGHT – SATURDAY, AUGUST 16, 2014    7:05 P.M.


The Mahoning Valley Scrappers would like to invite you and your church family to the ballpark on Saturday, August 16 for “All Faith Night”.


This night is a great opportunity for fellowship and an opportunity for your congregation to get together for the last time before the summer ends. 


The Scrappers have put together a special ticket offer for  our church to come out. These tickets are good for a $5 Box Seat games ticket. Good for up to 4 Box Seats at $5 each. Come out and enjoy a great family atmosphere.


(These tickets are located in church office – See Bertha)






Every year we struggle to meet our Shared Ministry obligation to the East Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church.   These funds provide for several different causes.   Locally they help

fund organizations such as the United Methodist Camps that our youth are able to attend and the Youngstown Community Center.   Worldwide these funds provide for missionary work, hospitals, community centers and disaster relief.   In addition,  they provide for administration costs incurred at the district and conference levels of our church organization.   They provide for continuing education opportunities for pastors as well as health care for current and retired pastors along with many other causes. 


During the Closing Hymn of worship over the past few years,  a jar for dollar and loose change donations has been passed through the pews.  There has been some discussion about whether

or not this is an appropriate moment to do this even though it is very effective.


The Shared Ministry askings apportioned to us by Annual Conference enable our congregation to provide our fair share of support for ministries and financial obligations of the greater Body of Christ’s church.  We pay these from our general offerings and givings designated for this purpose.


The concept of the Shared Ministry Giving Jar was initiated by our Finance Committee at a time when  extra emphasis was needed.   We have passed the jar and tried posting it at the doors, but it seems when not passed,  it’s been noticeably less effective and put a strain on the rest of our finances.

Over the course of a year,  when passed,  the jar generates enough to pay about a full month and a half of our apportioned Shared Ministry obligation.   So,  our Finance Committee has agreed to try not passing the jar,  but is asking a Finance member to hold the jar at the door to receive donations.   


Please understand,  there is no obligation to place a dollar or two into the jar each Sunday.   Also be aware that there is a line designated for Shared Ministry giving on our offering envelopes.   Whether through the jar or in an envelope weekly,  these extra dollars do add together to make a difference.


Thank You for your faithful support and may God Bless You.





                                                    RED BAG DAY

Remember to bring your bag of non-perishable items for the Cortland Area Care Food Pantry.






 We are very greatful to Bishop for re-appointing the Rev. David Vensel to our church.

David has served us faithfully for the past ten years. We look forward to great Sunday morning Bible-oriented sermons, much spiritual guidance & growth in our church. He was honored in Sunday services last week with a full reinstatement service and reception.


  Staff Parish committee is faithfully meeting every other week to complete paper work and review our church needs and visions for the future. Members may be contacting you for your opinions, wants and your vision for our church. Please give their questions some thought and give your honest opinions. We decided to keep our mission statement as it is. Please take time to notice it in the church newsletter and on the cover of each Sunday bulletin. We will begin saying it at each Sunday worship, so we are more able to mermorize it and be reminded of our purpose.





Lil’ Lambs Sale is scheduled for Thursday, October 2 and Friday, October 3, 2014. Event will be held at the Opera House. We need sellers and especially buyers! Please spread the word to your “framily” Let’s make this a success. We can make a difference in so many lives via this Lil’ Lambs Sale. 


                                                                                                                                    Thank you.

























8 am Heritage Worship

9 am Fellowship

9:15am Adult study

10:30 am Blended


11:45 am Fellowship


9:30 am Bible study 

6:00 pm Bible- n- Burger



7 pm Sister Act Bible Study



7:00-8:00 pm

At the pavilion

    Singing, praises to God,

Concerns and devotions provided by individuals




Am Red Cross Blood Drive at Cortland Christian Church


2:00-6:00 p.m,


10 am Bible Study at Lake Vista

9 pm. Outdoor          Movie  Bring you lawn chair and snack to share



 Men’s Breakfast meeting at 8:30am





1:00 – 3:00 PM.


8 am Heritage      


9 am Fellowship

9:15 am 

   Easter Breakfast

10:30 am Blended


 11:45 am.    

       Fellowship &




9:30 am Bible study


6 pm Bible-n-Burger


7:30 pm  Staff Parish meeting


1:30 – 6:30pm.

“O” Blood Drive in fellowship hall



7 pm Sister Act Bible Study



4:30 pm – After School planning meeting



7:00-8:00 pm

  Pavilion time for







10 am Bible Study at Lake Vista

7 pm.     


Outdoor Music concert and Ice Cream Social




8 am Heritage


9:00 am Fellowship

10:30 am  Blended


 11:45 am

        Fellowship &



9:30 am. Bible Study

6 pm Bible-n- Burger


6 pm – Trustee team meeting



7 pm Sister Act Bible Study



7:00 – 8:00 pm

Pavilion time for sharing



10 am Bible study at Lake Vista


Outdoor  Movie


Bring your lawn chair & snack to share





8 am Heritage


9 am Fellowship

9:15 am

     Adult study

10:30 am. Blended 


11:45 am

       Fellowship &




9:30 am Holy Spirit Bible Study


6 pm Bible-n-Burger




7 pm Sister Act Bible Study



7:00 – 8:00 pm

Pavilion time for sharing






10 am Bible Study at Lake Vista








   9:30 am – Our Fifith Sunday for Shared Worship Service. We will meet in the Sanctuary to hear  

                    Madison Miller speak on her Mission trip to Guyna with the Shoebox Distribution team of

                    Operation Christmas Child.  Bring a favorite dish of  food to share, (hot or cold) and table  

                    service.  Meat and beverage will be provided.                                                                                                                                                                     







Time to start planning for Cortland United Methodist Church’s After School Program.  Helpers are greatly needed. Please reach down in your heart and tell God you have time to give to these young children. The program will include Kindergarten through 5th grade with 6th graders and teen helpers.


We need helpers for crafts, exercise time, music, hall monitors, homework helpers, prayer warriors, and healthy snack providers.  As we had time this year to prepare we have purchased a program where crafts, etc.  are provided.  Pastor Dave will be the story teller:  Some relief will be needed here at times.  Registration Co-coordinator is Katie Watson.  Publicity – Bertha Cyphert.  Directors – Debbie Miller and Shirley DiVencenzo. Homework helpers – Pam Bowers and Mel Chapin as able. Snack coordinators and Music – Becky Vensel. Hall monitor – Lundy O’Dell Co-coordinator. Photography – Jaxon Cyphert.

You do NOT have to work every week. You could choose to work weekly, monthly, quarterly or commit yourself to full time, once a week on Wednesday from 4:00 until 6:45 p.m.

The program starts September 10, 2014 and continues every Wednesday; exclusion of school holidays, and ends April 16, 2015.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.  Please help us provide a safe environment after school and an opportunity to share God’s Good News.

Please help: Contact Church Office 330-637-2571 or Directors: Debbie Miller – 330-638-2546 or Shirley DiVencenzo 330-637-3703.

May God bless you as you pray for the program and ask God: “Am I called to help?”


                                                                                    Shirley and Debbie




  AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM PLANNING MEETING will be held on Wednesday, August 13, 2014 at 4:30 p.m.  Look to see you there. 







Meeting was held on Monday, July 21, 2014 at 7:00 pm. with 12 in attendance. Chairperson, Curt Marando called the meeting to order and Shirley Divencenzo had devotions.    May minutes were read and approved.  Treasurer, Jill Freeman reported that all bills had been paid to date.       Finance Chairperson, Don Moore reported that the finance team is transferring some monies to the East Ohio United Methodist Foundation where we will receive more interest for our monies.  Trustee Chairperson, Don Harper stated that handrails have been placed and the doors reversed in the ladies and men’s bathrooms.  Don brought quotes to place carpet on the first floor of education wing. A motion was made and passed to complete this project. Don expressed thanks to Ralph Rufener, and Andrew Devadan for painting the swing set and to George Nelson for making repairs to swing set.  Landscaping has been done around church and stated a need to care around the sheds on church ground. Curtains are being made for the Resource room windows.  Church signs around outside need to be painted. Coat racks taken down from first floor hall will be donated.

Staff Parish chairperson, Shirley DiVencenzo reported that we will continue with current church mission statement. The committee is working on Charge Conference reports for meeting in November.  Committee will meet with District Superintendent on September 28, 2014. They are also working on a vision of the church in 3-5 years from now. Pastor Dave gave detailed description of his work around the church. Organist George Kirby will be absent on August 10, with Barbara Edwards substituting. Pastor Dave met with custodians to discuss their work detail.  Sunday, July 27 we will celebrate Pastor Dave’s reappointment for another year.

Worship, Chairperson Katie Watson reported that we will keep our 5th Sunday of month for balance of 2014 as a combined worship service with meal to follow.  Wednesday, July 30 the team will clean the old choir room. Rally Day is Sunday, September 7. August 15 we will hold a FREE outdoor concert and ice cream social. Outdoor movies on July 25, August 8.  650 pounds of potatoes have been planted at new church site, and they are doing well. And they also have tomatoes planted and growing.  Hope to have a Hannah House picnic in August and have Make a Difference Day in October.  We will be doing back packs for school children again this year.

Lynn Burkey reported on behalf of U. Methodist Men. They served a breakfast for golf league and will be serving a banquet for them on Wednesday, September 3 here at the church.  The men have sponsored a young boy (Olwa, Ceaser) through World Vision and asked the congregation to be supportive.  Men need to make some potato bins for the potato harvest.

The United Methodist women served a funeral dinner in June and will meet on Wednesday, September 17 to begin their fall meetings.

Shirley  reported Ruth Kozlevcar resigned from Staff Parish and there is a need to have two persons more on committee. Debbie Moore was nominated to serve on Pastor Parish and was approved by council members.  One person to serve on Finance team, Wanda Krieg was nominated and was approved by council members.   Pastor Dave wants to order a digital of hymnal, black hymnal, and new green hymnal. Motion to purchase was made and was approved by council members.

Old Business: Debbie Miller presented a questionnaire from the survey at last Ad Council meeting. Tabled for more discussion later. There was no new business.  On motion of Lynn Burkey and seconded by Don Moore the meeting was adjourned.   Next meeting will be on Monday, September 15, 7:00 p.m.





We take this opportunity to thank George Nelson for all the repair work he has done on the inside of the church, and to Don Harper for taking care on outside with the flowers, mulch, trimming and etc.  We really appreciate all the two of you have done.






Since we are now a little more than half way through the year, I would like to take a moment to update everyone on our finances to this point. We have received $81,985.49 in tithes and offerings, $2,784.65 in shared ministry donations and have incurred $90,858.88 in operating expenses through the end of July.  The shortfall has been covered by designated donations towards Shared Ministry Funds from 2013 of $2,044.22, Building Maintance Funds of $1,015.84 and Fundraisers/Other Income of $3,632...06.  These funds have provided a “cushion” that has allowed us to meet our obligations, but they have become depleted and will not be available in the future.

Your giving statement for the first half of the year was mailed a few weeks ago. Please take time to review it. If you have any questions please feel free to call me at 330-638-0062. Also, I will be sending in the list for church offering envelopes by the end of August. If there are any address changes, or if anyone would like to receive weekly envelopes that does not currently.  Please let me know or call the church office. We would be happy to get them for you. Likewise, if you receive them and do not use them let us know.

We are continuing to offer the option of online/mobile donations and automatic EFT donations. You can set up a reoccurring donation at an interval of your choosing or make a one-time donation by visiting our church website at www.cortlandumc.org  and clicking on the red “donate now” link. You may also fill out an Electron Funds Transfer form and return it to the church office to my attention and the automated transfer will be set up for you.                        Call the church at 330-637-1571 or myself at 330-638-0062 with any questions or to have a form mailed to you. This is a convenient, safe and secure way to stay current with your donations.



Jill Freeman







If you haven’t taken a drive out to the new church site located on Everett Hull Road, now is the time.  God has blessed our potato patch and they are really growing. There is need to help take care of them, like weeding and especially when harvest time comes we will many helpers to gather the potatoes from the ground.  We will be most blessed to be able to feed many of those who are hungry.


We also have a few tomato plants growing and doing well.




Cortland United Methodist Church

155 North High St

Cortland, OH 44410





Church Office

(330) 637-2571

Pastor, David Vensel

(330) 637-3768





E-mail: cortlandumc@century link.net

            pdcortlandumc@century link.net







        Bring your lawn chair and a snack to share. Beverage will be provided

        We have a recent popular theatre movie just released to video planned.



                                                                                    SHOE BOX   PACKING PARTY


MONDAY, AUGUST 11 FROM 1:30 until 6:30 P.M. in fellowship hall

American Red Cross “O” BLOOD DRIVE



                        After School program planning meeting. Please attend if you are willing to help.


FRIDAY, AUGUST 15 @ 7:00 P.M. -         FREE

                              OUTDOOR CONCERT & ICE CREAM SOCIAL





This is our fifth Sunday month and we will have our shared service.

Our theme will be Operation Christmas Child.  Madison Miller will share her Mission trip to Guyna with the Shoebox team of Operation Christmas Child.  Come worship and to hear Madison’s story and see pictures and enjoy the fellowship of our church families and friends.  We ask that  you bring  a favorite dish of  food to share, (hot or cold).   Meat and beverages will be provided.



David Vensel,
Aug 4, 2014, 8:34 PM