June 2017 Newsletter

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June 2017  Greetings from Pastor Dave

Greetings this new month of June!   We are freshly-returned from a brief time away to meet and get acquainted with the newest member and eighth grandchild in our family.   She was nearly two-weeks into this world when we first held her in our arms and experienced again the mysterious capacity to love  beyond what had been previously known.  That love does not diminish as it spreads but mysteriously multiplies, expands and becomes exceedingly abundant.   It was on the drive home while having lunch at Chick- Fil  A  when that phenomenon overwhelmed me at the sight of a little girl somewhat resembling our newest granddaughter that I knew in my heart the fullness of love-multiplied for Eden and family.   
When we left home, I only expected to miss one Sunday, but when the reality hit of getting caught in the peak of Memorial Day traffic and the memory of that experience in similar holiday traffic a couple of years ago, I sought arrangement to drive on Sunday rather than when so many others would be driving for their holiday.   For the grace of allowing this time away, Becky and I both say,  “Thank You.”  The extra couple of days mean so much when the distance is so great and opportunities so few.  
Back in the office this week, I have been giving attention to the ‘while you were away’ types of things.  This morning, I reached for my ‘preaching Bible’ but found it missing.  I wasn’t finding it on my desk,    in my office,  in the parlor,  at the pulpit:  any of the usual suspect places around here.   I considered it  might possibly be at home, but it rarely if ever leaves the building, hence my term, ‘preaching Bible.’  This became exceedingly alarming after a thorough check at home with no results.   
I was missing a part of me.   My Bible is very personal to me.   I preach from it.   I study in it.   I underline phrases;  I checkmark verses;  I write comments;  I pray from it . . and with it.   I hold it in my hands.  I find myself in its words of Life and Hope and Truth.   To be separated and apart from this Bible in the moment I was reaching for it and uncertain of its whereabouts,  left me in something of a panic, feeling at a loss,  insecure,  like a part of me was missing or incomplete.   A loved-one was missing  and I was starting to fear,  gone.  I wonder if God sometimes feels something like this toward us?  
As it turned out, it wasn’t far, simply left in a room where I had been in a meeting and covered by a notebook and other meeting-related papers.   Whew!   It feels so comforting to hold again and know it’s sitting here right beside me.   “ . . . he (son) was lost and is found.   So they began to celebrate.”    [Luke 15:24]
How ‘bout you?   Is your Bible the doorway to your heart, to your life, to your being?    Do you have a Bible, but more importantly, do you find yourself in  your Bible?   It is in my Bible that I find my Good News of God’s Love willed, revealed and expressed across time and through Jesus Christ.   
“The Word of God is living and active. . . it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit. . . it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart…”  [Hebrews 4:12-13]     “ . . . the holy Scriptures . . . able to make you wise for salva tion through faith in Christ Jesus. . . God - breathed and useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness…”   [2 Timothy 3:14-16]   
God is Love and so loves you and me and all in the world, that “God gave His One and Only Son that
w hoever believes in Him shall not perish but have e ternal life.”   [John 3:16]   God just keeps extending and multiplying that Love to all who will allow themselves to be held in God’s arms.   As we look into God’s Word and become intimate in it,  we will find ourselves knowing, living and being in God’s Abundant Love and we will find that to be Good News.       See You This Sunday in Communion with God’s Love ?  

REMEMBER: We are still collecting Box Tops for our Red Bird Mission team to take with them to Kentucky for the Red Bird School.   Campbell Soup container is on cabinet in the north hall for your donations.

Lundy O’Dell received the Fellowship Award Plaque for the 2016-2017 Warren Men’s Tuesday Night Church Bowling League.  
    The 2016-17 bowling season was completed April 18, 2017. Unfortunately the church team did not compete in the roll off to determine the league championship. There were a few high points however to mention: Jack Cyphert returned to bowl the second half after several weeks of recovery from illness. The Team finished third in the tournament and received a trophy at the banquet held at our church. The league would like to thank the men and women of our church for preparing and serving the delicious meal. Anyone interested in bowling next season can call Jack Cyphert or Dave Bealer.
Our bowling team this past season: Dave Bealer, Jack Cyphert, Frank Stocz, Lundy O’Dell, Joe Acierno, Don Moore, Marty Davis, Jim Kennedy and sub-George Nelson. 
******** It was discussed and voted on that the Finance team and Administrative Board would hold their next meeting on Monday, September 11, 2017 at their regular times.
June 12 – June 16 - Vacation Bible School Time:  9 am – 12 Noon  Cortland Christian Church on Grove Drive.         Sponsored by Cortland Area churches of LOAF
 Wednesday, July 19, 2017 – Community Craft Day at Cortland United Methodist Church – 155 North High Street – Cortland, OH  Time 1-3 pm       Phone 330-637-2571
 Wednesday, August 2, 2017 – Community Ice Cream Social at 6:30 pm. Entertainment provided by the Cortland Community Band.  It will be on the lawn at the Cortland United Methodist Church, 155 North High Street, Cortland, OH  Phone: 330-637-2571
 A pet parade to be scheduled at a later date.
  Thank you to everyone who purchased hanging baskets and bedding plants from the Cortland United Methodist Women. we appreciate your support and hope you enjoy your flowers this summer.  The East Ohio Conference United Methodist women 2017 Mission U will be held June 21st – 23rd at the University of Mount Union in Alliance. Any woman wanting more information about this event can contact Shirley DiVencenzo or Jane Grinnell.  The next meeting of C.U.M.Women will be on Wednesday, September 20th at 10:30 in the church parlor.. Hope to see you there.              Jane Grinnell
Remember only one service – 9:30 am all summer.  Father’s Day just around the corner. Be sure to come creating a surprise project for them. Shirley will be out out town on Father’s Day so please be here so you can give each father your gift.  Dad’s are special people – come in all sizes, all moods and are filled with love, for all children.   A special gift from God. During the summer we will be learning about God’s love for all people. On Wednesday, July 19th we will have a craft and fun day here at the church along with some special friends will be here.   Mark your calendars so you are sure to attend. Sorry the Fly-a-Kite Day was cancelled, but we will do it another time.  Planning a couple side trips for us also. Come Sunday – share your ideas for fun projects while we learn about Jesus and His love for us.
       Miss Shirley
 Mother’s Day – Sunday, May 19  Special thanks to al who helped make Mother’s Day special. Joseph and my daughter Cindy planted the flowers. Lundy, Joseph, Reagan, Lauren, and Samantha gave each woman a snap dragon flower, Lundy O’Dell gave a tribute to mother’s at the 8 am service and Lynn Burkey gave a tribute to mother’s at the 10:30 am service.
 SUNDAY, MAY 21st  Special thanks goes out to friend, and Elder Robin Rader, appointed East Ohio Conferene Elder to the Federal Prison Youngstown area, who filled the pulpit so Pastor Dave and Becky could go to Georgia to visit with their newborn grand-daughter. Her meaningful sermon of the wonder of God and his concern for the smallest creature only points out how important each human being, “YOU” are important to Him. 
SUNDAY, MAY 28 – We were honored with a sermon by Rev. Dave Luther, retired Baptist minister, Chaplin and volunteer Bible Study young Air Core Recruits leader.  He spoke on God and War, a most inspirational, thought provoking sermon.  Those military men and women who served in all wars and were either killed during the war or have since passed were honored as their names were read by Jan Stocz, Linda Bealer, Jennifer Nelson, and Jane Grinnell.  A tribute poem and prayer was also read. Some reminders of what was is and how it effects our lives were remembered also.   COMING EVENTS
Sunday, June 4th – The day of Pentecost – Thanks to those who provided the altar red geraniums and those whe decorated the church to show the importance of Pentecost.   REMEMBER it is RED BAG DAY also. – The need is great.
Sunday, June 11th – 15th  - East Ohio Conference at Lakeside, Ohio. Pastor Dave, Bertha and Jaxon Cyphert, Jim and Paula Mizner and Shirley DiVencenzo will be attending. Bertha represents our church while Jim and Shirley are delegates-at-large.
Monday, June 12th – 16th  - VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL held at Cortland Christian Church fro 9 am until 12 noon. Grades Prek-7. Register at www.myvbs.org/cortland.
Sunday, June 18th – Father’s Day – Junior Church children have a special gift for all fathers and gentlemen present. Shirley will not be here as she is attending her Heildberg University 60th Annual Anniversary – Special program is planned.
SORRY – SATURDAY – JUNE 10TH FLY-A-KITE DAY-                                                        POSTPONED
SPECIAL MUSIC is planned for the summer. Please take time to thank George and choir members for their faithful attendance and dedication inspiring music throughout the year.
Wednesday, July 19th is Craft and Fun Day at the church. Time 1:00 – 3:00 pm. Come and join us for a great day of fun, fellowship for all ages. Encourage other children and adults to attend. Excellent opportunities for outreach.
Sate Sitter teaches boys and girls grades 6-8 how to be ideal babysitters – including knowing what to do in emergencies The course covers: basic first aid – rescue breathing – what to do if a child chokes – accident prevention – chilcare tips - how and when to call for help.
June 15, July 13 or August 23 at St. Joseph Warren Hospital 667 Eastland Avenue, Warren, OH.  Classes are 9:30 am until 4 pm.
Sign up today for just $29. Class size is limited. Scholarship are available for those who cannot pay the fee. Children must be 11 years old to take the Safe Sitter class. Call 330-480-3070 to learn more. Refunds available only is cancelled 48 hours prior to beginning of class.
Sponsored by Mercy Health Foundation Mahoning Valley
David Vensel,
Jun 14, 2017, 11:37 AM