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The Upper Room Daily Devotional Guide


Artist: Alexander Sadoyan
Armenia, Contemporary
Interpreter: Mona Bagasao-Cave
Cover art courtesy of Alexander Sadoyan. ©Alexander Sadoyan. Prints of cover art are available from alexandersadoyan.com or alexsadoyan@sbcglobal.net. Sadoyan was born in 1954 Yerevan, Armenia.In 1975 he graduated from Terlemezian Art College of Fine Arts. Sadoyan participated in more than 50 exhibitions, and his works were sold in numerous auctions. Today, his works can be found in private collections throughout USA, France, Germany, Canada, Russia, Switzerland, China, Norway, and Lebanon. Since1990, he has been a member of the Artist’s Union of the Republic of Armenia. In 1995 he was accepted as a member of the International Association of Arts at UNESCO. Since 1996 Alexander has been living in Los Angeles, California. He continues to create vigorously and actively displays his paintings at personal and group exhibitions. - From: http://www.alexandersadoyan.com

Imagine being there when the Holy Spirit came in a new way to the world. Imagine hearing, seeing, feeling the unexplainable. Artist Alexander Sadoyan offers us a creative exercise as he turns “the sound of a mighty rushing wind” into colors and shapes.

I invite you to read Acts 2 and then spend a few moments examining our cover artwork — following the movement, the flow of the lines, the way the colors combine, separate, and define one another. The artist says: “I paint forms and shapes to convey energy and spiritual condition. The colors and rhythms become the theme.”*

The theme of Holy Spirit bursts from the visual cacophony of Sadoyan’s work. Can you see the first day of creation in the golden orb on deep blue — the day the Spirit of God hovered over the water awaiting God’s first command to become? Does the cross remind you of Jesus, who loved us to death then promised a Comforter? Perhaps we can see the suggestion of people with hands lifted in praise, a hint of the Ark of the Covenant, and the echo of Bethlehem’s star in the cascade of colors and forms.

What names for Holy Spirit come to mind as you look again at the artwork? Do you see Assurance, Comfort, Relief? Perhaps Power or Strength? I thank God that the Holy Spirit comes to each of us anew whenever and however needed, in the color, form, shape, and movement that we require.

Come back each day to read the daily Upper Room: http://devotional.upperroom.org/
Before you begin:  Sit quietly for 30 seconds or so to settle your spirit.  Take a few deep breaths and get comfortable.
Read:  Open your Bible and read the portion of scripture suggested beside the date.  After you read, pause to think about the passage.  What comes to mind?  What in it got your attention?
Quoted Verse:  The quoted verse relates to the central point of the day's meditation.  Read it slowly and think about its meaning for you.  Once or twice a week you might memorize a quoted verse.
"Story":  These meditations are written by people from around the world.  After you read the main part of the page, ask yourself, "How do this person's words connect with my life?"
Prayer:  To end your quiet time, pray the prayer at the bottom of the page.  You may want to add to it, mentioning people or situations that come to mind during your reflection.
Thought for the Day:  This element invites you to respond or sums up an idea from the day's reading.  Repeat the thought a few times and recall it through-
out the day to remind yourself of what you heard from God.
Link2Life:  This suggests ways to connect your life of prayer with your life in the world.  L2L may suggest Web sites to visit; however, we do not endorse any site.  Readers should use their own judgment about acting on information they may find.
Prayer Focus:  This suggests a subject for continuing prayer after your devotional time, joining with believers around the world in doing so.
To start a meeting:  Online is a list of current meditations by subject and dir-
ections for using them to begin meetings at:  devotional.upperroom.org/resources/